Monday, 5 February 2018

The egg restaurant franchise opportunity

Searching for egg restaurant franchise in India? If you want to explore new foodservice segments, Andeywala is perfect brand to kick-start career. One of the most things of investing in a franchise is systematically doing your research. But with Andeywala, you’ve certain benefits:
1. Opportunity to work with well-established brand: Over past few years, perception of people regarding food consumption has been changed. Demands of nutritious foods that contain green vegetables, natural ingredients, don’t factory-made preservatives, and health hygiene. Egg restaurant franchise is worth investment as in coming future consumption of egg-based dishes will certainly become double.

2.   Iconic menu: Andeywala, since its inception has produced fantastic egg dishes like half fry, quick bites, omelette, egg salads and bhurji. All cuisines are the result of outstanding efforts, ingredients use to make dishes are tested, tried and quality team also check it regularly.

3.     Turnkey solution: You are inexperience; don’t know how to operate egg restaurant franchise. We’ve solutions for every problem, we provide extensive support in:

ü Marketing, training and business plan
ü Site selection or location search
ü Store designing, furniture colour
ü IT equipment set up
ü Staff recruitment and training
ü Billing system
ü Branding
ü Grand opening
4. Flexibility: Company does not put any kind of pressure on franchisee; in addition provide comprehensive marketing support to increase sales. FOFO (franchise owned franchise operated) is main focus of Andeywala.
5.     Build own store: The total investment depend on the model you are choosing, but it can vary from 5 lakh to 18 lakh. There are various models that can generate effective revenue.

Andeywala is unique concept which is completely difference as compared to other foodservice players. In this global business environment it is critical to bring best cuisines on dining tables to retain customers for longer time period. Egg restaurant franchise is designed to serve both people who love egg dishes and investors who want something extraordinary. Starting a new food business can be challenging for individuals that don’t have prior experience, but proven and tested business models will ease the problems. Andeywala is committed to assist franchisees not only during initial days but also throughout the franchise agreement period. Franchisees will be benefitted from values and culture developed by the brand.At present, food truck model is running successfully in different locations across the Indian states with great acclaim and the brand is also planning to set up stores as well. 

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