Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Overview of Egg market growth and future opportunities

Expenditure on food is highest compared to other household expenses. Food industry is growing speedily neck to neck with other industrial sectors. There has been much demand for healthy and quality foods; new players try to bring improvement through innovative technologies and amazing recipes. The foodservice sector is comprises fast food, packed food, traditional cuisines and foreign foods like Italian, Mexican and American. However, rising demand for nutritious food items among consumers are expected to have positive impact on growth and development of egg franchise industry. Eggs are natural source of proteins and other vital nutrients, leading companies adopt latest technology to produce best quality eggs. Market for egg-derived products or dishes is growing gradually, in fact, global production likely to increase by 10% owing to extensive demand. Per capita consumption of eggs has benefitted industry as well as boosted economy. Over past five years production and consumption rate in major economies is quite appreciable, in some regions demand for cage free eggs are bit more. Consumers are becoming more concern for environment and animal welfare.
Indian egg industry is at sunrise stage, contribute widely to economy and generate employment opportunities. Egg farm establishments have enlarged over the past few years in order to meet huge population demands. Important factors that should be focused to generate more revenues:
·        Use of technology – talking about present scenario, egg business sector is nurturing due to presence of professional players. Well educated entrepreneurs take advantage of technology to produce top-quality eggs.
·        Manpower – In some foreign countries smart devices are used to check egg quality, moreover egg processing plants are established to reduce manpower cost. Indian egg industry is also required highly productive equipments to cut down costs.  
·        Supply chain system – Eggs are perishable commodity, should be handle with care. Better distribution channel is essential to supply eggs to potential buyers.

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