Thursday, 3 August 2017

Why India is ideal nation to establish egg restaurant franchise

India’s economy is spurred by fast-growing population, effective governmental initiatives like Skill India, Make in India, Digital India and Start-up India and changing lifestyle of young generation. Many industrial sectors are experiencing phenomenal growth but food and beverage segment is driving huge revenues, per capita consumption has been increased remarkably owing to varieties of food items like fast foods, traditional cuisines, continental and Italian. Indians have shown great love for domestic and global cuisine, however, their demand for delicious egg dishes increases day-by-day. There are few egg restaurant franchise establishments but they can’t fulfil vast population. Furthermore, favourable demographics are considerable factor for expansion of food industry in India. Recent studies have recommended that growing poultry products demand is indeed resulted due to changing consumption pattern, in order to maintain sustainable growth rate, egg industry will have to enlarge by approximate 15-20% annually.
Drivers of development
At present Indian overall poultry production is ranking among top five countries around the world. Over past five years, egg consumption has soared in India due to extensive growth in domestic demand. Increased income level of middle class Indian families will be huge factor for consistently changing consumption pattern. Moreover, young population has played important role in expansion of new food zones, national as well as global franchise brands are targeting youth as they are willing to spend more money on foods. Egg restaurant franchise sector has undergone a gradual shift from unorganized market to professional in order to fulfil consumer demands for hygienic food items.
Future growth
Despite economic instability, food industry is always profitable in terms of sales and revenue generation. To add more, egg restaurant franchise would be a good idea to create a brand value. At current scenario there are few professional players operate throughout the country, hence egg restaurant is right selection.

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