Wednesday, 13 December 2017

How to find a right egg franchise?

Eggs are vital source of valuable nutrients which are necessary for body; generally people from all age group like to eat different varieties of food items. But in India there is lack of standard egg franchise brands that offer unique dishes made from eggs only. Andeywala foods Pvt. Ltd. was founded with an objective to deliver high nutritious recipes at reasonable rates. At present, the brand is expanding in various corners of nation, for instance people in southern region demand egg-derived products more. It is well said,” Rome can’t build in a day, likewise to develop a giant brand time, money and energy is required. Over the decades eggs have been effective foodstuffs, as of 2017 definition has changed i.e. people are quite busy, they want quick services at reasonable rates. Egg franchise model is designed to give new shape to street food sector in the country. If you want to become boss of own business then should focus on Andeywala. Here are advantages:
1.     Well established brand: Egg franchise model is already running successfully in India. It is initial stage, focus mainly on latest trends and opportunities.
2.     Training support: Training sessions are conducted primarily to share menu details and food preparation methods with franchisees. All dishes made from natural ingredients, spices or herbs.
3.     Healthy foods: Consumer these days are spending more on nutritious foods, health-conscious segment is expanding at express rate. Through egg franchise model you can serve delicious dishes.
4.     Franchise fee: Initial fee start from 4 lakh and it is non-refundable. The company will provide great profit margins, provide marketing support and also help in site selection.
Low investment: It is the best option of entrepreneurs that want to invest low amount and in return demand lucrative profits. Andeywala foods Pvt. Ltd. can be replicated all around the globe.

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