Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Egg industry in India: Growth and opportunities

As the population increases demand for livestock products like eggs is expected to grow. Poultry farming has been registered as high growth rate sector with a productivity rate about 12% in egg production. Even government of India has also recognised it as one of lucrative sectors contributing majorly to economy as well as create employment and business opportunities. Interesting fact is that over half of poultry farms are established in semi-urban and rural
Future outlook     
Egg industry has shown unprecedented growth over past few years and still there is wide scope of opportunities to be tapped. Young generation can easily take it as a profession by developing automated egg plant. Small units are setup with low investment; however, cage-free eggs are demanded more by consumers. Poultry industry is lacking infrastructural development, skilled manpower and proper investment. Government has made efforts to come over challenges faced by local farm owners. Qualified professionals have entered egg industry to save birds from harmful diseases. Due to its attribute of containing wholesome nutrients proteins, vitamins and minerals, eggs are much needed food items to obtain healthy breakfasts. Eggs are available at affordable price as well as easily sell in malls, store or local grocery shops. In developing economies eggs are significantly adding value to economy, for example, large part of egg is shipped to other countries by China and India. Future of poultry farming is bright, people’s loved for eggs is getting advanced.
areas, approximate 350000 farms are established in various corners of the country. In past five years egg business has gained popularity as it is one of the most profitable occupations of people living in rural areas. It improves socio-economic condition of people thereby increasing income level. Poultry products like egg power, raw eggs, frozen egg yolk, etc. are exported to other Asian and European countries.

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