Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Steady growth of egg restaurant franchises in India

Food industry is one of the most profitable and lucrative industries which get expanded owing to increasing demand of consumers. Over past few years, amazing foodservice formats have been originated to soothe consumers’ taste buds, literally, foodservice sector can be categorised into various sub-segments. Significant changes observed in consumption pattern, people want delicious recipes but they are the concern for ingredients used and nutrient value.The growth of nutritious food segment has opened doors for egg restaurant franchises and some companies have decided to launch fresh and exclusive food outlets where people can only order egg dishes. Entrepreneurs have shown great interest in innovative foodservice segments and food franchises are turning out to be money-making and widespread changes are needed in existing formats. Egg restaurant franchise has its own advantages, in coming future, there will be large number of such type of restaurants.

Why India is the favourite destination
India is fastest growing economy in the world and is estimated that foodservice industry is booming owing to entry of global and national brands. Egg restaurant sector is still in nascent stage, there are few global brands that offer egg franchise opportunities. With its large consumer market, India is always favourite destination for food business establishment. Apart from this, Indian government is always encouraging foreign brands to invest in local markets hence there is no specific law for franchises. Every brand has differentiated strategies, they need to adjust according to consumer demand and give preference to their choices and taste.

Is franchise a worth investment
Everyone wants to become boss of their own business, franchising is best route for inexperience investors. Have you ever imagined franchise is also difficult task? if you completely depend on franchisor and don’t take interest in on-going process and training programs. It is responsibility of franchisee to generate revenue in specific region; the company will provide support in marketing and promotional activities. You need to handle team of two or three staff members depending on size of store or hire manager. Food franchise units running successfully throughout the world is result of hard work of franchisees, not the company alone. For example, egg restaurant franchises can be set up in any location, company provide initial support but later on you need to focus on operational activities to promote products or services. Consumption of eggs in India is increasing rapidly so egg franchise is best option to kick-start food business career. There are few things that must be considered before finalizing a store:

1.     Brand recognition: Indian consumers are always searching for cheap foods; they give importance to street vendors. Brand recognition is distinguished factor that helps you to pull customers. For example, selecting a brand which people trust will be beneficial instead of brand that fails to create any kind of impact.

2.     Brand name and logo: During meeting with franchisor, check all documents such as brand name registration, standard logo and other relevant things. It is essential for you to know year of foundation and number of stores in Pan India location.

3.     Customer experience: Indian marketplace is already filled with number of brands that offer wide range of recipes. To create difference you need to think as per customer point of view rather than stick with age old concepts.

4.     Marketing: It is most important parameter that needs to be addressed if you want to reach maximum customers. At present, social media is biggest platform that can be utilized to develop strong relationship with customers.

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