Tuesday, 8 May 2018

World’s best brand for egg dishes

Indian food is famous throughout the globe, large varieties of cuisines available especially in North, South and west parts. Foodservice market is expanding enormously owing to frequent demand of hygiene and fresh foods at competitive price. It is responsibility of food operators to cater customer’s needs and focus primarily on ingredients and services. India is considered as world’s largest consumer base that’s why international players are trying to enter through franchising. Craze for egg dishes is getting high as eggs contain vital nutrients which are good for health. In India eggs are still categorised under non-vegetarian and people belonging to many communities don’t prefer eggs. Thus before setting up an egg franchise restaurant you must collect valuable information regarding consumption of egg based products.
Andeywala – It is leading egg brand which has developed culinary cuisines while keeping cleanliness and freshness up to mark.Apart from this, franchising route is adopted to appoint franchisees in various geographic locations. Generally sold by street vendors, omelettes at Andeywala is available in different forms that definitely give new taste to your tongue. People like cheap and tasty food items offered by street vendors however hygienically they are not good. Contrast to that at Andeywala you can order Sri Lankan omelette at INR 80 which is quite low.

To open an egg franchise restaurant, investment around 7 to 20 lakhs will be required. Profit margin is high hence you can generate huge revenue in limited time period. With increasing demand of healthy foods, consumption of egg dishes is enhancing and there are untapped opportunities in tier 2 and 3 cities that need to be explored. The focus of Andeywala will be to establish effective franchise network to spread Indian style foodservice formats. Become boss of egg franchise restaurant in your preferred location in India and in global markets. 

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